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Tryby warunkowe

Choose the correct conditional form to complete the sentences below. Once you have decided on your answer, click on the arrow to check your answer.

If I (stay) in Barlinek, I would have found a new girlfriend.

He would do more to help the poor if he (be) the Pope.

If he goes to Bristol on a business trip, he often (visit) the Zoo.

We won't go to the film unless they (arrive) in the next 5 minutes.

She (buy) a new car if she had had the money.

If Yoko were me, she (go) to Dresden immediately.

They will talk to Edmund if he (come).

Bożena comes to work 30 minutes late if her child (miss) the bus to school.

If Magnus (think) twice, he wouldn't have made such a stupid mistake.

Kasia (become) a university lecturer if she studies hard.

If they (know) all the facts, they would have found him guilty.

Unless you (hurry up), we will never arrive on time.

If I were in charge, I (change) the standard business routines.

He takes his boss out to dinner, if she (come) to town.

If I hadn't known better, I (trust) him.





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