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A different example of English slang each time this is opened. Refresh to see another example of slang!


Test your knowledge of English slang with these ten questions.

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    1 - If someone says that they are 'made up' they are  


    2 - If someone tells you that it is parky they mean that it is


    3 - If somewhere is very full it may be described as being


    4 - A slang word for a toilet or lavatory beginning with the letter k is


    5 - If you 'blow a fuse' you


    6 - Someone who is poorly educated and is perhaps dressed casually in sportswear could be described as a


    7 - You might describe someone who is insane or crazy as


    8 - Another word used to mean to ridicule, insult, or disrespect is


    9 - A slang expression for being astounded or shocked could be


    10 - Using a vehicle to smash into a building to steal goods is called a




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