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A different example of English slang each time this page is opened.



Simply decide on the answer, which best suits and click the answer button to see if you are correct.



    1 - How long did you study last night?
    a. With Magnus.
    b. In my room.
    c. Chemistry.
    d. For two hours.

    2 - What kind of books do you like?
    a. Yes, I do.
    b. I like crime novels.
    c. Fish and Chips.
    d. No, I don't.

    3 - What kind of work do you do?
    a. I work every day.
    b. I'm an English teacher.
    c. I worked for eight hours.
    d. Yes, of course.

    4 - How many hours a day do you use your Xbox?
    a. About three hours.
    b. In my bedroom.
    c. I play Space Invaders.
    d. On Friday.

    5 - How do you spell "bird"?
    a. No
    b. B-I-R-D
    c. Yes
    d. I don't

    6 - What did you do yesterday?
    a. I am running.
    b. I run.
    c. I will run.
    d. I ran.

    7 - What would you like to drink?
    a. Tea.
    b. Tonight.
    c. Three.
    d. With my girlfriend.

    8 - What are you doing?
    a. I read.
    b. I'm reading.
    c. I will be reading.
    d. I have read.

    9 - Where's Matilda?
    a. At three.
    b. At school.
    c. For three hours.
    d. No, she isn't.

    10 - Where are you from?
    a. Taunton.
    b. 1969.
    c. At school.
    d. English.

    11 - How do you get to work?
    a. In train.
    b. On train.
    c. By train.
    d. To train.

    12 - What is your busiest day of the week?
    a. In the afternoon.
    b. Last week.
    c. Every day.
    d. Saturday.



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