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1 - We must finish this ___ we go to bed.
a. before
b. until
c. after


2 - I wanted to eat Bigos for dinner ___ I went to a Polish restaurant.
a. so
b. but
c. or


3 - ___ I had known how much I would upset her, I wouldn't have done it.
a. Whether
b. When
c. If


4 - I'm learning English and German ___ I can get a better job.
a. while
b. as long as
c. so that


5 - Make sure you lock the door ___ you leave.
a. after
b. for
c. before


6 - I think I know ___ he left the job.
a. why
b. until
c. where


7 - We stayed at home ___ watched Twin Peaks on TV.
a. and
b. but
c. or


8 - ___ you see him, lock the door.
a. As soon as
b. While
c. Whether


9 - She is not as pretty ___ her sister.
a. than
b. as
c. so


10 - I think that is Donata ___ I am mistaken.
a. whether
b. unless
c. if


11 - Do you want to eat dinner now ___ do you want to eat later?
a. and
b. so
c. or


12 - You'll miss the train ___ you hurry up.
a. until
b. unless
c. if



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