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Correct Word Order

Put the following words in the correct order to make complete questions.

Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  1. a. next
    b. will
    c. do
    d. who
    e. think
    f. Cup
    g. you
    h. win
    i. the
    j. World
    k. ?

  2. a. how
    b. us
    c. waiting
    d. has
    e. long
    f. she
    g. been
    h. for
    i. ?

  3. a. far
    b. petrol
    c. is
    d. the
    e. how
    f. nearest
    g. it
    h. to
    i. station
    j. ?

  4. a. didn't
    b. the
    c. come
    d. cinema
    e. to
    f. why
    g. you
    h. ?

  5. a. tonight
    b. you
    c. come
    d. do
    e. guests
    f. how
    g. will
    h. many
    i. know
    j. ?

  6. a. Nexus
    b. cost
    c. much
    d. that
    e. computer
    f. how
    g. does
    h. old
    i. ?

  7. a. have
    b. up
    c. to
    d. what
    e. be
    f. morning
    g. tomorrow
    h. time
    i. do
    j. you
    k. ?

  8. a. evening
    b. you
    c. lift
    d. can
    e. give
    f. a
    g. Gorzów
    h. to
    i. this
    j. me
    k. ?

  9. a. you
    b. a
    c. of
    d. tea
    e. like
    f. would
    g. cup
    h. ?

  10. a. your
    b. with
    c. Simon
    d. when
    e. lesson
    f. is
    g. next
    h. ?



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