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Prepositional Phrases

Improve your knowledge of some of the most important and common combinations of prepositions used in English. These phrases are in standard usage and can not be altered. They are used to connect, explain and show the relationship between ideas and things. Each short phrase is used once. Click on the arrow under each question to check your answer.

Exercise # 1


  • according to


  • because of


  • in common with


  • instead of


  • apart from


  • by means of


  • in favour of


  • on behalf of


  • as for


  • in case of


  • I'd rather have cider beer.


  • bad weather, the trip will be postponed to next Saturday.


  • my fellow workers, I would like to thank management for all they have done to improve our situation.


  • We finally solved our problem a new device created by our research and development department.


  • me, I will be happy to dedicate a few extra hours to the cause.


  • You will have to remember that, Magda, no one wants to work on this problem.


  • How can they be going out?! Hanna has nothing Donata.


  • Magnus, they won't finish the project until the end of next week.


  • I'm all helping out the poor when in need.


  • We will have to postpone our trip the bad weather.

Exercise # 2


  • at the latest


  • at short notice


  • under control


  • for ages


  • at a profit / loss


  • by far


  • for better or worse


  • under her thumb


  • by heart


  • for a change


  • at most


  • by the time


  • at last


  • for instance
  • There are many things you can do to get in shape. , you can go to the local swimming pool.


  • he finishes the projections, we'll have done the necessary research to complete the project.


  • She's very pleased that they were able to sell their car .


  • The situation is terrible here. Things are going .


  • He's been living in Poland .


  • You can trust David to have everything .


  • Those customers are the most demanding we've ever had.


  • Unfortunately, I might have to leave for Poznan .


  • , you're just going to have to try and get along with your new boss.


  • It'll cost Ł500 .


  • I think we'll go to the mountains this year .


  • They learned all their lines for the play .


  • They should arrive by seven o'clock .


  • You've arrived !





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