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Preposition Exercises 1

Read some of the rules concerning prepositions.

Test your knowledge of the prepositions in / at / to / nothing - showing place and movement. Choose either in, at, to, or nothing and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. He lives Skwierzyna.

  2. She went home.

  3. Magnus works Nijmegen.

  4. He went his friend's house.

  5. She arrived Frankfurt for the celebrations.

  6. I'm going to stay home this weekend.

  7. Hanna works the hostel.

  8. Why don't we go the movies tonight?

  9. II'm going to see Hania Belgium this summer.

  10. I arrived work early this morning.

  11. She came home early.

  12. We stayed the Castle Hotel.

  13. They visited Scotland last summer.

  14. She's going to travel Denmark this summer.

  15. I'll be school later today.


Preposition Exercises 2

Test you knowledge of the prepositions for / while / during. Choose either for, while or during and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. He's been working three weeks.

  2. I fell asleep the film.

  3. Did you see Donata your holiday?

  4. We talked an hour.

  5. He surfed the internet I cooked.

  6. our stay in London, we visited a lot of museums.

  7. WhWhat did you do you were in Cardiff?

  8. I think I need to study Polish a few months before I go there.

  9. I came up with a great idea I was thinking about my class.

  10. They drove through the countryside they were staying in Austria.

  11. He was out of work ten months before he found a new job.

  12. I broke my finger I was playing tennis.

  13. Please, don't interrupt the teacher he is speaking.

  14. Matilda broke into tears the film.

  15. Could you hold on a few moments?


Preposition Exercises 3

Test you knowledge of the prepositions in / at / on - showing time and date. Choose either in, at or on and click on the arrow to see you have answered correctly.

  1. Let's meet six o'clock.

  2. He was born July.

  3. I went there 1999.

  4. She'll be at work Thursday.

  5. We met Christmas day.

  6. They drove to Koenigswalde June 13th.

  7. We arrived in this country July.

  8. I love to go shopping Christmas time.

  9. We get up early the morning.

  10. Do you dream night?

  11. What do you like doing weekends?

  12. He's working on his homework the moment.

  13. I lived in Poland the 1990s.

  14. I'll see you a few weeks.

  15. We like going to the swimming pool Sundays.


Preposition Exercises 4

1 - She wasn't short, she wasn't tall; she was average height.

2 - What are you going to buy Shirley her birthday?

3 - The police are looking a tall, black man who was seen standing outside the bank just before the robbery took place.

4 - The teacher asked the class to do the exercise the bottom of page 12.

5 - As a child I was always ashamed my parents because they were uneducated.

6 - I was always very good Geography when I was at school.

7 - My brother specializes in .

8 - We arrived Lubniewice at 7.30 in the morning.

9 - I didn't see you the party on Sunday.

10 - There was a lot of coughing the performance of Moniusko's 'Fairy Tale' symphony.

11 - He saw her as the most attractive womanthe world.

12 - Marcin is completely useless sports.





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