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Polish Translation

Quality English and Polish Translation Services


Our small group of experienced translators provide high quality, fast, economic English to Polish and Polish to English translation for exacting individual and corporate clients. Our translation team consists of university educated, native speakers of both English and Polish.


We have wide experience in translating the following: general text (personal letters etc.); business and legal texts (agreements, trade contracts, commercial correspondence, catalogues; certificates; advertising and promotional texts; specialist language (linguistics, chemistry, medicine, computers); scientific and academic thesis and publications; literature; newspaper and magazine articles; web pages

Key points about our Polish translation service:

  • We charge only $0.05 per word for Polish to English or English to Polish translations

  • Translations are usually delivered within 24 hours of receipt of payment

  • High quality translations double checked by native speakers of the target language

  • All documents and related information are kept in strict commercial confidence

  • Professional translators and interpreters based throughout Poland

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tel. + 48 (0) 604 99 10 28


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