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We offer anyone, anywhere the chance to practice and improve their speaking and listening skills online with native speakers of English.

Using the free Skype program and a microphone and speakers (or headset) you can have individual one-to-one lessons online and really learn to use and speak English. You will also be able to see your teacher and write text using the same software program. If you have your own webcam your teacher will also be able to see you. All our online classes are given by native speakers of English, who are also qualified English teachers. Each English lesson lasts for 30 minutes, and might involve work on specific language areas such as pronunciation and the discussion of a number of different subjects of use and interest to the student. Over the course of your lessons your communication skills will increase to the point where you will be able to converse freely in English.

Prices for Private Online English Lessons:

1 x 30 minute ESL lesson - 10

Discounted rates

10 x 30 minute ESL lessons -90

20 x 30 minute ESL lessons -    175                        Currency converter

Payment can be made in Polish Zloty, Euros, or US$ Dollars.

Download Skype now and contact us to arrange payment and your first on-line lesson. As soon as payment is received your lessons can begin!

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