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The Lubuskie Province, Poland

 Lubuskie is a region rich in forests and wildlife, and because of the large number of lakes is sometimes referred to as the 'Polish Lake District'.  Lubuskie's location on the border with Germany and Poland, less than two hours drive from Berlin, makes it an easily accessible spot for visitors from western Europe. There are many great places to stay in Lubuskie, at very reasonable prices. Here are a few photographs taken in the Lubuskie region. You can find a selection of interesting Poland links at the bottom of this page. Click on any thumbnail image to see the larger image from Lubuskie (Ziemia Lubuska / Lebus / Lubusz).

 lubuskie white stork looking for frogs tram in the center of Gorzow, Ziemia Lubuska Gothic cathedral in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Lubuskie, Poland lubuskie forest historic shop front in Gorzow Wlkp, Lubusz, Poland wild boar in the Lubuskie snow near Lubniewice

Church Lubuskie street scene Lubuskie wild mushrooms Lubuskie forest Lubniewice, Lubuskie, Polen Birds, lubuskie, Poland

River Warta, Lubuskie Lubuskie lake steam railway locomotive, Lubuskie, Poland Lagow, Lubuskie, Poland Shops and stores in a typical Lubuskie town Pond in Lubuskie

Lubuskie Photographs

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