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Kwiz o muzyce rockowej!

Test your reading comprehension skills and knowledge of rock music with this Rock Quiz.


  1. 'November Rain' was a 1992 hit for which band?

  2. Who was the lead singer with Deep Purple fom 1973 to 1976?

  3. What was Hawkwind's only UK top thirty hit?

  4. Geezer Butler is best known as bassist with which band?

  5. Who starred in the film version of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'?

  6. Which thrash metal quartet was founded in San Francisco in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine?

  7. Three members of which band were killed in a Mississippi plane crash in 1977?

  8. Which member of the Rolling Stones was once part of a school choir that sang Handel's Messiah at Westminster Abbey in the presence of the Queen?

  9. Eric Burdon was the lead vocalist with which 1960s band?

  10. Which band released the album 'In Through the Out Door' in 1979?






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