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Polonia Cricket Club

Founded 2002

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Our club is made up of both female and male players from the age of 18 upwards. As I write today, the regulars who play cricket with us and in our team come from a wide range of Polish society. Our regular players include students, teachers, salesmen, two university lecturers, a computer software engineer, two lawyers, and a judge. All except one of whom was born in Poland. The one regular player who isn't Polish has lived here since 1999. We like our cricket to be as Polish as possible. Indeed ALL our current Polonia Cricket Club regulars would if the need arose qualify under ICC regulations to play as Polish in international cricket matches. We are, however, not yet at any sort of international level in terms of cricketing skills!

We receive no support from any outside bodies, and our equipment and money for travelling to games is provided by our players. Because of this we lack some of the basic requirements to play cricket as we would like. If you think that can help in this respect, please get in touch. Donations of equipment, new or used, however small, are always welcome!

We are based in the border region of Lubuskie - in the far west of Poland.

 Here are some photos taken over the course of our first few primitive practices in the western city of Gorzów Wlkp, Lubuskie in 2002. Since then we've purchased some better equipment and recruited some other regular players. We now play with or against another small Polish cricket team either in Gorzów or in Skwierzyna, a smaller town about 25 kilometres further south.


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Photographs from some of our other cricket matches played around Europe: 

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icc cricket coaches

Our representative with a group of international coaches at the 'home of cricket', Lords in England!

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