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You may be surprised to hear that six-a-side cricket, single wicket cricket competitions or fun knockaround cricket is played most weekends spring, summer and autumn by a small group of adventurous men and women in the west of Poland. We currently don't have a fixed venue and as a result play both indoor and outdoor cricket. If you'd like to see how cricket is played in Poland, you are welcome to watch or have a go at playing at one of our regular practice sessions, fun games and/or more organised cricket matches. Our club is based in the area around Gorzow, Lubniewice and Skwierzyna in the Lubuskie region of Poland.

As well as playing in the west of Poland, Polonia Cricket Club is also an occasional touring team, which plays both standard outdoor cricket and indoor cricket, and since forming have played cricket in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, and six-a-side cricket in Somerset, England.

Although the game is almost completely unknown in our country, we are very enthusiastic about the game and do everything we can to try to promote cricket to other Poles in Poland. Unlike most other cricket clubs in Europe, which are generally made up of people (temporary expats and visitors) from countries like England, Australia, India or Pakistan, our team / club is a truely Polish one, and when we play against cricket teams from outside Poland our team only ever includes people who would qualify under ECC/ICC rules to play for Poland in international matches!

If you are a member of a cricket team from anywhere in Europe, and would like to come to Poland and play some cricket against us or invite us to play either indoor or outdoor cricket against you, do contact us. We are willing to travel almost anywhere in Europe in search of a good game of cricket!





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If you live in Poland, and are interested in playing or founding another cricket club, please contact us, which may be able to offer you advice and even help you acquire some cricket equipment.

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